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Temporary Office Flooring

Qik-Link Modular flooring can be used for a quick and easy flooring solution for all temporary office spaces. 

Whether you have outgrown your current office and need to convert all or part of a warehouse or processing plant for office space or perhaps you’re using a portacabin as a short-term requirement for more office space, Qik-Link modular flooring will allow you to create a stable floor and to allow all electric and communication cables to be installed quickly and easily.

Not only can Qik-Link be installed in minutes, it can also be taken up quickly and without leaving any damage to the original floor.

If you have a short-term need to change part of or an entire commercial building’s use for office space, and require a temporary floor put down and especially if you need to manage electrical and communication cables please do get in touch. We’d be delighted to carry out a site survey and demonstrate the benefits of a Qik-Link temporary floor.

Qik-Link Modular flooring was recently used in office space for British Telecom in Australia. 

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