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Please view the range of examples below:

Qik-Link installed a raised platform floor for the G20 summit in Australia

700m2 of flooring was installed in under 2 hours

Qik-Link Flooring allowed power and communication cables to easily be installed.

Qik-Link tiles clip together easily and quickly

Channel Covers can be removed easily in order to lay cables

Channel Covers are then replaced to hold cables in place


No tools are required. Tiles and Channel Covers can be fixed & removed by hand

Power can be bought up in any area of the platform

Power easily bought up through the floor covering

Spigots can be fixed by using the Cable Channels and Covers to provide structural support for walls, trusses & other structures

Aluminium or pvc edging is supplied to provide a professional finish to the platform. We also supply a range of ramps

A Qik-Link platform with aluminium edging in place

We provide a range of 1m x 1m reusable Vinyl tiles. These can be purchased outright or hired. 

A Range Rover driving over a Qik-Link Platform

A fully loaded lorry driving over a Qik-Link platform (30 tonnes in total)

Welcome to Qik-Link: First for Exhibition & Event Flooring

Qik-Link Installed a 90m2 platform for Clip Exhibitions at Olympia. Platform complete in time it took Clip Contractors to unload their lorry.

Qik-Link Flooring allows for all cables to run through the floor. It is the only modular flooring system that allows for the cables to be laid once the floor has been put down.

Captini hired a Qik-Link platform, along with Qik-Link white vinyl floor tiles for their stand at Excel and installed themselves. Looks great doesn't it!?

Themetraders engaged Qik-Link to install a 96m2 platform at Kings Cross Station for their Starbucks Winter Garden Pop-Up. 

Qik-Link was chosen due to the speed of installtion and the ease of running cables to any part of the floor. 

Qik-Link installed a 64m2 platform at Sandown on behalf of Clip Exhibitions

A standard exhibition grade vinyl covering was fitted once cables run through the cable channels.



"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays