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Exhibition Case Study: 672m2 Raised Platform supplied and installed at ICE GAMING 2019

Exhibition Case Study: 672m2 Raised Platform supplied and installed at ICE GAMING 2019

Qik-Link were proud to be chosen to supply and install a 672m2 raised platform for ExpoTeam and the Aristocrat stand at ICE GAMING 2019 which took place at London Excel. The raised platform was built using our Qik-Link 40mm cable management floor.

There were several considerations with this specific build, not least the fact that the stand design incorporated a double decker structure and the platform had LED lighting surrounding it.

We built the platform in two sections: the first under the double decker structure and the second outside of it. We bridged the two Qik-Link sections using mdf and wood batons.

The stand required a significant number of power cables and ethernet cables to allow for the many gaming machines that were to be showcased. Qik-Link’s unique cable management system allowed for quick and easy routing of all cables to their required location.


Aluminium edging was fixed to all four sides, once the floor covering had gone down, with LED lighting. The result: a great looking platform that provided a solid and fitting base for the build to come.

Qik-Link built this platform in a matter of hours and did so in a manner which allowed other contractors to work on building the structure. This platform was one of, over, 20 platforms that Qik-Link was used for at ICE and the, co-located LAC.  

Qik-Link is the perfect solution for both small and large raised platforms. To find out more please call 01926 453987

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"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays