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Case Study – Clip Exhibitions Ltd engaged Qik-Link to supply and install a 90m2 platform

Case Study – Clip Exhibitions Ltd engaged Qik-Link to supply and install a 90m2 platform

Clip Exhibitions Ltd contracted the Qik-Link team to supply and install a 90m2 raised platform for one of their clients at CCR at Olympia

Clip Exhibitions have traditionally used batons and sheets to build their raised platforms. Clip contacted Qik-Link to find out whether we could supply, install and take out a 90m2 platform at a cost that worked for their budgets.

Our quote included the hire and delivery of 90m2 Qik-Link raised flooring to Olympia, installation and take out. Our team of two installers had to be ready to get into the venue as soon as the doors opened to allow contractors in for the build. Doors opened at 4pm, and our team were on site ready to go an hour earlier. The challenge presented to us was to unload, and install the platform whilst the Clip contractors were unloading the stand components from their van and have the platform installed by the time they had finished unloading their equipment.

By 5pm the team of Qik-Link had completed the installation of the 90m2 stand. That’s to say we’d unloaded the van, transported the flooring to the stand, installed it and laid the cabling ready to be connected to the electricity supply by the onsite electrician all within the hour. During this time the Clip team had the time to unload all the hardware from their van for the stand build and were ready to start their build.

Clip found that by using Qik-Link for their platform installation:

that they could get straight on with their stand build by the time they’d unloaded their van, rather than then having to spend a couple of hours putting the platform down.

That they saved space on their van by not having to load batons and wood sheets on to it for the platform

That they saved money in raw materials, fuel and transport costs as well as labour

They were able to finish their stand build quicker than they would have been able to had their installers had to spend time putting the platform down themselves.

We returned two days later to take out the flooring which was done late at night on a Friday evening, again our team coordinated with the Clip contractors to ensure we were ready to go as soon as they had cleared the stand. Clip could get away as soon as they’d taken down the stand and did not have to wait around for us to take up the platform

The whole job cost Clip less than it would have cost them to supply and install a platform themselves.

Qik-Link saved Clip time and money and turned what was to be a two day build into a one day build. 

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"Great product. Simple and easy to install, cuts down on site time and labour. Sturdy, well made and unbelievably strong."

Richard Bladen JP Displays